Why Christian Education?

We live in a society that is anti-God. Because of this, secular education is also anti-God. Essential characteristics like integrity, honesty and respect are built into the fabric of Christian education. This enables our children to develop into emotionally intelligent, self-aware individuals that understand their gifts and are able to use them to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. With Christ-centred doctrine as the foundation of our curriculum, our students develop into productive, contributing members of society. 

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Does King’s College have before and after school program?

Yes! Our before school program is from 7:30am – 8:30am and our after school care program is from 3:30pm – 5:00pm.

is there cost of education at king's college?

Yes. As we do not receive any support from the government, we need to manage our expenses from tuition. However, we like to think that this as a valuable investment that parents will be making for their children’s future. We realize that God takes care of our needs, then why wouldn’t we allow our children to grow up developing their faith in God? Having grown up with faith God to guide their adolescent lives is worth our investment now.

Why King’s College?

King’s College is pleased to offer our students the attention they deserve in order to develop into the unique individuals God has created them to be. Our small class sizes allow more opportunity for 1:1 teaching so that there is less disruption, more tailored learning and as a result, better equipped students.

Can you share with us the King’s College curriculum?

Absolutely! Learn more about our curriculum here. 

How do we apply?

Click on the apply button on top right corner of the page to apply online or download the application file, complete it and send it to us via:



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